Monday, February 7, 2011

Back from Mexico

Well a friend of mine asked me to post my pictures here and not just on Facebook since she's not on that huge time waster(but kinda fun) site. So here goes- We visited Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo San Lucas while cruising on the cruise line Holland America. This was our kids Christmas present. A gift for us all actually. The food was fabulous (a little too fabulous if you ask my pants) and the workers were great. the whole cruising thing was pretty great except for one night of intense winds and a lot of rocking. But no one got sick so all was good. The first stop was PV and we took a smaller boat to a secluded area. My husband and Nick did a little snorkeling. Then we went to a beach area that we had to get on a much smaller boat and wade into the beach(no dock here) Unfortunately getting back on the little boat became a little hazardous to my bag and camera as a big wave came and knocked me and Nick over. I thought my camera might be ruined but after a few days of drying time it seems to be back from the dead. YEA! On the way to the cove we saw a bunch of humpback whales and they came CLOSE to our boat. A little too close for my husband. What an awesome experience. I got some good pics of that. On the way back we saw a bunch of dolphins but with no camera I had to rely on my 10 year old son and his camera abilities to get some pics. He got one good one. After the camera incident I had to grab his camera at various places and snap some more pics. We took a tour of Mazatlan and then went to the beach to relax but the vendors would not let us be so we had to leave. Then at Cabo we went and swam with the dolphins (this was Nicks special request) It was great and we got some great pictures too. The kids said it was the greatest vacations because it was like 4 trips in one (the cruise, PV, Maz, and Cabo) Now my husband wants to go on a Caribbean cruise.
Josh got a spit in the face with his kiss

the whales

The dolphins followed our boat
playing on the beach
Our cabin stewards made new towel animals for us daily