Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Layout

Here's a page using some of my fun digi downloads.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Party Invites

I made up some quick invitations for Josh's Birthday party next week. I used Laura Pings Blue Sky papers and elements(She's at Polka Dot Potato). The embellishments were perfect because we are going to the Family Fun Center where the kids can skate, rollerblade, laser tag, etc. I love the rub-on look. I made them in the LifeTimez software and did two invites on a page. I did the inside detail info in a Word document and just printed on the inside of the card. I will never have to buy cards again. And that is thanks to Krystal Hartley who over many trainings and email conversations helped me figured it out. LOVE making digi cards/invites.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun

Well since our church isn't until 1:00 we got to enjoy our Easter morning a bit more leasurely. The kids had a good time searching for their Easter Baskets and eating lots of candy. Then we all got dressed up in our new clothes. Unfortunatly Matt has been sick with the stomach flu so he will be in bed most of the day. Church was very nice and I enjoyed the hymns about the ultimate sacrifice of our Savior. The music is always the most important part for me, it touches my heart when just plain words might not. I made a point to ask my kids if they know why we celebrate Easter and they knew it was because of Jesus.
After Sacrament meeting we went over to my mom's house for Easter dinner (Ham, rolls, fruit salad, pasta salad, green salad, some yummy blueberry jello salad, and brownies and Girl Scout cookies to round it out.) The kids had an Easter egg hunt in Grandma's backyard and then we got to visit while the kids ran around outside. Thanfully the weather was just warm enough for that. Beautiful Easter all around.

Egg Parade

Well I got a cute idea from a neighbor to have all the kids in the family decorate an egg anyway they wanted. So I helped my kids make theirs. Sydney made an Egg Fairy along with a fairy bunny. Josh wanted to make his a fly but at the last minute he turned it into a misquito. Then Nick made his a black alien with a gun. We took them to Grandmas for Easter and saw what fun creativity everyone had.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Coloring Eggs

We did our annual coloring of the eggs. It was fun and quick just the way I like it.

Fun with Cousins

Well Matt's sister, LesLeeAnn came to visit from Kansas with all her kids and Mario an exchange student from Germany. Angela is here going to BYU so she joined the party too. Adam's kids came over also. My kids slept over at Grandma Catmulls the night before to get more time with the Beaties. We had a day of raking leaves, trimming bushes and getting rid of junk from Grandmas huge yard. Then we had an Easter egg hunt and played some games. Everyone had a good time being together as a family.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Face Nicky

Here is the latest digi layout I did. I used a cute photo of Nicky eating an ice cream sundae. All the papers and elements are from Krystal Hartley.

Hubby's B-day

Well yesterday was my husband, Matt's Birthday. I made puffy pancakes for him (an old English recipe from his mom) He got a shirt, a DVD from the kids and I made him a chatterbook (ADORE) with our wedding pictures in it. I also gave him some money to get some new contact that he's been needing for about 3 yrs or so. I missed going to his mom's house for dinner and cake because my little Nick was sick so I stayed with him. Hopefully he had a nice day.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

TLC will have digital downloads

Great news. TLC will start selling digital download packages again. This Friday is the start date and I'm excited to see what they will have available. TLC has such great designs so I'm hoping to see a lot I will want to buy and create with.
Well yesterday was a day of visiting with ladies in my neighborhood, volunteering in my kids classes and getting kids to birthday parties. And tonight is Parent-Teacher conference as well as an orthodontist appt. for Sydney. Friday I have my crop night so I hope to get the house in order enough to relax and work on some pages.
Looks like the rain/snow is on it's way back to our area for the next 4 or so days. Man, and I was getting all excited to see Spring. I guess I just wait a little bit longer.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Can't wait for Spring

I made this layout of my daughter Sydney with this gorgeous freebie kit from the Shabby Princess. If you want the download go to Beth Swann's blog (to your left). She always posts the cutest digi freebies.

It is sunny today and I've opened all the blinds to let in the beautiful sunlight. I am sooooo ready for spring. I actually want to go work in my yard and get everything spruced up- very unlike me. But I have to get laundry and dishes done first so no outside jobs quite yet.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Girl is Growing Up

The photo is a tiny bit blurry but she looks cute. Sydney's favorite color is green right now so I chose green for her.
I used Laura Ping's Hello Blue Sky papers and elements (she's at Polka Dot Potato)

Sydney is 10

Well Sunday was my daughter, Sydney's tenth birthday. She is in the double digits now. Wow, how time flies. Her birth ten years ago was a hard one for me. I had her by Cesarean and they waited too long after my water broke so I got an infection. Those first couple of days in the hospital trying to enjoy the time with my little baby girl while being totally out of it was hard. But we have spent so much time together since to make up for the first few days. She's my only girl so we have fun together doing girly things. In fact for her birthday I took her on a shopping trip. The shopping alone was a gift to her even if we didn't buy anything (but we did) We also have scrapbooking nights together. She is a beautiful, smart and loving girl who is kind to everyone around her. I am lucky to have such a great daughter who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ and shows kindness to everyone she meets.
So Sat. was a shopping trip to pick out a Build a Bear outfit, a new pair of shoes, a new outfit, and some books of course (she has read every book in our house and can't get enough to read) But I wrapped up the gifts so she had something to open. I also got her some fun fingernail polish/glitter stuff and some more books. Then Sunday she got sung to by the whole Primary and later that night we had Grandma's and Grandpa over for pie, which she wisely chose over Birthday cake. More presents from them. Then Monday night we went to her birthday dinner at "The Mayan" a themed restaurant that has a jungle atmosphere. They have performers and even cliff divers. We actually sat in the very front so the kids could be splashed a little when the divers made a big dive. Now this next Sat. is her friend party. They will be going to the Family Fun center where they can skate, go in a bounce area, laser tag, etc. Then her birthday will finally be over. And yes I have tons of pictures. I will post a few and try to get a quick digital layout done too.