Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Disneyland #2 of 4 for 2012

Well my husband likes to buy things on Ebay and he was buying a truck from San Diego so we decided to make it into another Disneyland mini vacation. We flew out early on a Wednesday morning. He dropped the kids and I off at Disneyland and then drove down to pick up the truck while we played a while at Disneyland. This happened to be the week that the new Cars Land was opening up at California Adventure. So we hit a few things at C.A. on Wednesday because it was closing on Thursday so they could have a media and celebrity day. So Thursday we just enjoyed Disneyland and took in a few sites that we had previously missed like the Lincoln show, the parade and the train ride around the park. Plus the normal fun rides we enjoy like Space Mountain, Indiana Jones ride, etc. I wasn't going to bring my camera since we were just there 2 months ago but thought better of it and got a lot of new pics. On Friday we waited until the huge line to get into California Adventure went down and then we ventured in. WOW! 4+ hour wait to ride the car racing ride. There were even lines to get into the shops there. We just walked around and looked and then headed out. Then we drove to Las Vegas and stayed the night. The next day we hit the M&M factory, Coke store and the Hard Rock Cafe and got some tee shirts. Stopped and saw my brothers new house in St. George, UT. It was 109 degrees when we were there (too hot for this girl) and then made it home by about 1 in the morning. It was a mini vacation that felt like at least a weeks worth of activities. Now I have about a billion pictures so hope you like.

We also went to downtown Disney for dinner at The Rainforest Cafe and went to the LEGO store. They had the mose awesome displays.

They had some cute buses too

We saw the area that they were going to have a Mat Hatter party but sadly it was for Friday and Saturday and we wouldn't be there. Maybe next time.

Then off to Vegas