Saturday, July 24, 2010

Havin a Good Ol Time

I have been for a week now de-junking my house. For me I have to do it right, so that means, one bag for trash, one for yard sale and another for keep (unfortunately I still have at least a weeks worth left to do). Well it is a never ending job but I do find some perks every once in a while. Like finding these great old time photos of my childhood friend Shane. We loved to go to Lagoon amusement park and we got these fun pictures to remember it. I'm pretty sure we were about 15-17 yrs old. 

Sweet Thank U.

I made some thank you treats for my daughters young women leaders who did so much to make girls camp so fun this year. I used the new kit My Shiny Happy Today by Meredith Cardall at FS. I just printed the design on regulare copy paper then cut to fit a regular chocolate bar and fastened with tape.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cherry Limeade Surprise

I made this cute album with a piece of cardboard found in a sheet set. I used the darling new kit "Cherry Limeade" from Meredith Cardall to make the pages that I mod podged on the outside of the album. The cute silver words are from Amy Stoffel.
Back view. I also used American Crafts ribbon to finish it off.
All the pages inside is a quick premade album also by Meredith Cardall. Right HERE
They are on sale right now so HURRY.
All the pictures I used were from swimming on the 4th and the Bray Family camping trip.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink-N-Black-N-White!

I actually redecorated my daughters room a couple of months ago but just now thought to take pictures.
She wanted  a more sophisticated room. She picked the colors and I think they look great together. I'm one of those bargain hunter/hoarder kind of people so when I see something at Target, IKEA or WalMart  for REALLY cheap I buy it even if I don't need it right then. Most of my bargain finds I work into my house sooner or later. The glass chandelier in the corner I got at Target a long time ago and it fit into her room perfectly. The round mirror and silver magnet board(just added a fun ribbon) are from IKEA. The big pink pillow from Target along with the comforter and sham we got for like $20 bucks on clearance. The fuzzy pink pillow is from Walmart. When I'm on a mission to recreate a space I find things from all over the place.
Don't know if you can see it well enough or not but the curtains are black polka dot and they are crushed velvet. Got those at Target along with the body pillow and zebra pillow cover.
Originally her dresser was a boring brown and I painted it white. It was from a local thrift store (but new) I just added the glass/crystal pulls on the drawer to coordinate with the room. The LOL is a magnet board too. (another Target $4 find)
We got the desk from Target online a few years ago. We added the great shelf unit from IKEA and used the black bins to hide all her stuff.  The fun pink chair isn't quite the bright pink but we got it a couple years back at Big Lots for about $6-8. Then of course we got some great Twilight posters and some cheap black frames from Walmart.
Just a peek at one of my other hobbies.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer- School= Chores!

I decided since my kids are out of school I'm going to take advantage of their time and put them to work. Ha, Ha. But really I am. I created this darling Chore Chart with the fabulous kit from The Ettes & Co. It's   HERE so check their super fun digi designs out.
I'd follow them anywhere they go, they are that good as designers. I made the weekly chores that are permanent with the bathroom cleaning that changes weekly. Then I made a daily one to get my kids up and going. While I'm at the gym they have to get their daily requirements done and put the corresponding pictures on the list. Then I made an award that I will give out weekly and that child will get to pick the dinner and dessert of their choice. I also made some little shirts that I will post on their door to their room if I see clothes lying around and that will be a mark against them for that week.  
We will only be using it for the next two months but I think I might get them into a good habit of getting up and getting things done. Cross your fingers.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eclipse Week

At least my skin tone matches Jacob. But the smile is out of place.
Is this a better solemn broody face?
Sydney and her Jacob.
This is two of the characters from the movie Eclipse. Demetri (Voulturi) and Leah(werewolf girl).
There was a fun free event at a local park last Saturday night and we took the kids and got TONS of free stuff like eclipse tee shirts, buttons, posters and more. Plus we played games and helped a local radio station and they gave us all free CD's. I got Kings of Leon.

telling making of the movies stories
Kind of a cutie and he's British so he has an oh so yummy accent.
Ah yes the girls had to get the names of their beloved tatooed on various body parts.
Nick just got the werewolf effect.
A good time was had by all.
Then Tuesday night we got tickets for the whole family to go to the midnight premier to Eclipse. Keep in mind we are still in school and had to get up by 8 to get to school (including me who was helping with field day) We got the great collector mugs,candy, popcorn the whole kit and cabootle. Good movie and no one even thought to fall asleep. We got to bed at 3 AM but it will be a great memory to look back at the crazy Twilight fans we are.

Real Live Princess

My daughter did a report on Marie Antoinette and had to dress up like her while giving that said report. I think she looks beautiful. Wow do they grow up fast.