Friday, February 27, 2009

Vista Headaches

Well I got my new desktop computer but it has Vista and I'm use to XP so I can barely figure out where things are on it. I have to reload a bunch of my programs and it just takes soooooo much time. So I've been just using my laptop as I have too much going on to sit at my desktop all day. Maybe next week I will be able to get evetything on it and scrapping again.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Computer Woes

My desk top computer started making scary noises this past week so I took it in to get it checked out. Well the motherboard is going out and something else with the power button (?) So it looks like we are getting a new DT. Now we are without for a week. It has all my digi stuff and all my documents on it so I get to wait until it gets built and all my info is transferred over before I can do any creating. So I will check in with my Internet friends occasionally on my laptop.
P.S. This photo has nothing to do with this post I just thought it was funny. It's Nick eating some Oreo's when he was little.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Painting done-decorating begins

Well I finished the painting in both boys rooms. I have the rooms somewhat in order but I need to put a few more things on the walls and I am going to paint Nick's dresser black.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Butterfly Dreams

Well Meredith has come out with a darling new kit "Butterfly Dreams" at Elemental Scraps. I used some of her paper and a beaded butterfly element to make my cards for my monthly card swap. I wait until the last day to make them of course so I was scrambling today to get them done. Hope you like.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Primary Valentines

Well I decided to make a Valentine treat for each class in primary. I found these adorable tickets and they were FREE can you believe it. I am a subscriber to Memory Makers Mag. online and they have all sorts of freebies. If you want a copy of the newsletter with the freebie let me know and I can forward it to your email.
I sized them sort of big and wrote over the ones with just hearts and then customized the blank one for each class.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Painting has begun

I won't be online for a little while as I have begun the painting of both boys rooms. I've got the turquoise ceiling and most of the bright lime green on the walls of Josh's room. I just need to do the top of the walls and touch up. Then tomorrow I will do the white trim. Then it will be on to the next room.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Primary Projects

Well these are a few of the projects I made last week to use as fun ways to get the kids singing. As they sing better -Betty will eat her spaghetti. And for Billy he will blow up the bubblegum (or balloon) as they sing well. I then made some cute valentines that have numbers inside to pick different fun songs to sing.

Monday regroup

I did my charity crop on Sat. and I made about $600 selling off the bits and pieces of scrapbook stuff I had left. Now I just need to get rid of the last 4-5 small bins and I will feel so relieved to be free of that burden. I am starting the painting process tomorrow for my boys rooms. I spackled the holes and sanded them down.
So for this week that's pretty much what I'll be doing. Painting and cleaning up, painting and cleaning up.
Josh will be getting his Wolf award this week at Pack Meeting. I think he's pretty excited to get his first big award.
My Mondays are always busy days doing laundry and cleaning up from the weekend. With the kids home it's extra crazy. Well only 2 more loads to go and I even got my kids to do some housework with me.