Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Well it's taking me a little while to get back into the groove. I went to a Scrapbook House for the weekend to get some pages done with 22 other women. I actually got 49 pages done plus a chatterbook which probably counts as 4-5 pages. I still need to get some journaling on a few of the pages but I am up to fall of 2006 for Josh's books so I got a lot accomplished. I need to switch gears and work on Nick's as I am still in 05 on his. Well I had a few late nights- the first night was about 3:30 and the second was 1:30. I was drinking a lot of diet coke so I feel a little sleep deprived and slow without the caffeine. The sad thing is the people are going to be selling that house so we can't come back in the fall as we plannned. We will have to find another place to go.

Also last week we went to a barbeque for the Utah Jazz basketball team (we are season ticket holders) We got a free dinner and then the kids, and my brother Adam, got to shoot a few hoops with some of the Jazz players and get some autographs. They also had a bounce area with the big blow up slides and bounce houses. Overall they had a great time. Even my daughter got her picture with some of the Jazz dancers and got their autographs on her Jazz tee shirt.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beautiful Boy

I am going to try and make a digital page a couple of times a week. I was scanning a bunch of old photos and came across this adorable picture of my almost 8 yr old son Josh and I couldn't resist.
Here's my page for this week.
I used TLC's LifeTimez- "Family" papers and embellishments. Also some embellishments from Peppermint Creative "French Country".

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nice Valentines Day

Well I woke on Valentines Day to find that my sweet daughter, Sydney had left a cute valentine card outside of our bedroom door for both Matt and myselft and she also made them for both brothers. What a sweetie she is.
I made mailboxes and loaded them with treats for my kids so when they got home from school they had a valentine from me. And they were so wound up from the sweets and all the excitement we could hardly get them to go to bed.

I find it weird that nowdays kids rarely take valentines out to their friends in the neighborhood. They just do it at school and thats it. Well my kids take them out even if they don't get them back in return. I remember when I was a kid the fun of leaving valentines on the front porch, ringing the doorbell and running. I guess times do change-I must be getting old.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A few layouts

Well here are a few pages. The digital one uses Krystal Hartleys designs (It's Cold Outside, Family) to see her stuff click on her blog to the left.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad weekend-Hopefully better new week!

Well I have been fighting sickness for over a week now. I was sick in bed most of the weekend trying to get better so it didn't continue into this week. I felt a little better yesterday and my kids went back on track at school so I had a few hours to rest up a little more. Today still coughing but hopefully on the mend.

I am getting excited to take my kids to the Spiderwick Cronicles movie on Friday. We read all the books while we were off track so we are ready to see how it's translated into a movie. I'm proabably more excited than my kids. I'm a science fiction junkie- in fact I watched the SciFi channell all weekend while in bed. Anything scary, wierd or just plain out of this world I love.

I now need to get myself organized for my scrapbook weekend away on the 22nd. I will be going up to Logan (2 hour drive to northern Utah) to stay at the Scrapbook House with a bunch of friends and scrap the whole weekend. Last time I went I got 50 pages done so I will keep that as my goal. It's a nice getaway plus it forces me to get more done.
Friday was my crop night and I got about 11 pages done. I will post a few later when I take a few pics.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here's my Scrapbook Room

Here's what my room looks like most of the time. Although sometimes a little messier HA! HA!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What to use?

OK. I need some advise. I have been digital scrapbooking for a while and I just use the TLC LifeTimez software to do it. I import a lot of stuff that I download and that works. I know there is more software out there that will let me do more stuff but I'm wondering what the bests ones are and what the costs are. And since I'm not that great with the technical stuff I need to know what software takes a tons of training to use or if I should stick with LifeTimez.
I'd love some help in deciding.

Here is the poster I made for a church party. I will be using the same elements to make invitations for about 60 people.
I almost forgot to say"Way to go NEW YORK GIANTS"
I use to live in New York when I was a nanny many years ago. So I think I'm obligated to cheer for them. You also might be surprised to know I was a football manager in college. It was ton's of fun.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun but Exhasting Day Yesterday

Well yesterday I was a vendor (with whats left of my TLC products) for a crop for the Epilepsy Association. Anyway I sold a lot and had a fun day even though I was there for 14 hours from set up to tear down. With about 300 attendees I always do a brisk business.

I won 2 different prizes in the raffle. Did I mention I'm one of those terribly lucky people who always wins contest- I know you hate those people.

Well I chatted with Stacey Jullian for a few minutes-founding Editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. She comes to the crop every other year or so. She is very down to earth and a very nice person in fact she spends her own money to come to the crop and lend a hand.

But this morning I woke up sick(I think a sinus infection) and guess what was outside our door.
Just look at this picture of our front deck.

Winter is having fun here in Utah!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Make your Blog into a Book

My friend Jennifer told me about a site that can make your blogs into a book. So if you use it as a journal you can have it printed out and viola instant journal without you handwriting it out or trying compile it all yourself.


Really cool.