Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Finish line is in Site

Well my kids have 7 more days of school left until the big three week summer break and I'm spending my time helping on field trips, making posters for reports (who doesn't love the Cricut for that) running things over to the school, visiting at the assemblies and next week is field day so I'll probablly be there then too. I haven't had any sub jobs in June and I'm sure I'll be off all of July and maybe start up in August. And WOW the weather is actually starting to warm up. I have had it with the rain and need the heat-NOW!
I'm so proud of my kids as they are all at the top of their classes and great readers (they better be as they have to read at least 15 minutes every night-but sometimes they read so much I have to tell them to go to bed after they have read for more than an hour). Tomorrow is the big Fantastic Falcon Award assembly and I already know that Sydney and Josh are gettting thiers so we just have to see if Nick will get his too (I hope so or we will have a really sad kid on our hands) So when time off hits we make sure to take it easy and have lots of fun. We are going boating, 4 wheeling and just letting them play and be kids. Yeah Summertime!

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