Monday, November 2, 2009

A Hauntingly Fun Season

Well we've had fun picking and carving pumpkins, going to see the Witches at Gardner Village with cousins, going to church parties, school parades and the good old Trick or Treating with friends in which my kids have all graduated to "the pillowcase" and are all on their own. They even went for about 2 hours and got more candy than they sould eat in a year but I'm sure they will manage to eat it within the week- except for Sydney who saves it forever. We actually had to clean out her room and get rid of last Halloweens leftovers and some Easter candy too. So this will be a long post with tons of picks. I haven't had time to play with scrapbooking for awhile so it's just photos for now.


A Page 4 all Seasons said...

Holy crap Susan! I had to click on the pic to see if that was really you! You are soooo stinkin skinny! what's your secret?

laterg8r said...

love the costumes - what a great halloween :D