Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project overload

Well I made this cute Christmas countdown for my friend Brookes birthday last month and was all stoked to make some more and just realized I keep giving myself too many projects to do. So sorry to my sisters and friends who I was planning on giving them to. But you can look at this one and see how cute they were. LOL!!! Sorry that was mean, but I have a birthday party, a baptism, getting Xmas cards done and sent out and my sons baptism book to do all this week and of course a house to dejunk and clean(big barfarama!) I'm in freakout mode right now. So that's why I'm at the computer playing on my blog to get the stress all out. I think it may have worked. On to my list!
I just noticed you might not be able to tell what I did. Well I used a mini muffin pan with 24 holes. I put little things on the bottom of each hole like "Make Xmas Cookies" or "Be a secret Santa for someone you don't know", etc. You get the idea. I mod podged the activities on the pan as well as some patterned paper on the top and added a few Xmas stickers and punched holes with a nail and hammer and added the ribbon. Then I made circles with green cardstock and numbered from 1-24 and covered it with diamond glaze to make the top shiny and to give it more strength. Then I hot glued magnets on the back of each circle. So for each day of December you take the number off you do that activity until you get all the way to Christmas.


laterg8r said...

wonderful countdown calendar :D

i have too-many-projects-itis too, it's so hard to know how long things will take. maybe you can make more of these for next year after the holidays :D

Susan Catmull said...

Yeah that might be an option

Hendricksonblog said...

that is so cute. How in the heck can I have any creative gene when you stole most of it and then by the time they got to me the rest of the kids got what was left.

The Bronson Bunch said...

That is totally cute! Can I say we need to do a project night in January to do some of these way cute things you come up with!