Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Scary Thing Happened on the way to the Condo

Well on the way up the lovely snowy, wintery canyon road to clean the condo I decided to hit some ice and have a crazy ride all over the road (getting very close the edge that goes down to a very cold river) and then hitting head on into the cement barrier in the middle of the freeway. Well I was only going about 50 MPH but you would think that all that spinning would slow me down but I don't think it did. Luckily I have this huge big metal bar thing on the front of my Tahoe and it ripped it right off. My license plate was a wadded up piece of metal but the funny thing is you can hardly tell we had a wreck. We have to take it in tomorrow to the body shop to see if the frame is bent(if so they total your car- which would be nice to get a new car but sad because I like my car) Luckily no other car was coming at that time or I might not be writing this lovely blog post. I sort of feel stiff all over but nothing a hot bath won't cure. My husband and I were blessed today I guess(He may not want to ride with me again though LOL) Hope your day was better than mine!


laterg8r said...

omg i am so glad you are ok!!!

scrap with style said...

Thank goodness you are OK! I've had my share of icy road conditions myself - and thankful that cars can be fixed ;-)