Friday, March 5, 2010

Something New

Well as you can tell I have not been in the mood to blog. I'm not a big feeling blogger and since I have no creative juices flowing lately with no projects completed there has just been nothing to say.
I have stumbled upon something I'm sure you have all seen and probably done a million years ago but I just started and I like it.
Beads, Beads and more beads.

I started by making the cute watch band bracelets and then started making some earrings and bracelets.
For my daughters B-day party this weekend we will be making bracelets and matching earrings so I went a little crazy and bought like a zillion beads.
"Well a Girls got to Have a Choice" I always say.


Shelley Moore said...

Those watches are just delicious!!! I love to bead, LOL, but never have time to anymore!

The Bronson Bunch said...

Those watches are adorable! you've got to teach me how!!