Saturday, June 12, 2010

Primary Fun.

Well every Saturday night I sit at my computer and get my stuff ready for singing time with our Primary kids on Sunday. I make a ton of visuals and try to make it fun. We are learning one song called Follow the Prophet (it has 9 verses-holy cow) We have learned it almost perfect so as a reward to sing it perfectly I got a huge box of rope licorice and tied it together to form a long rope or rod (hold to the rod) and as they walk around and sing they will hold signs that have prophets names, so as to follow the prophets. Then afterwards I will cut off a piece of the licorice for each child. I try to make it fun while they are learning too.
My friend from Texas who is a digital scrapbook designer, Krystal Hartley just made a kit that is perfect for primary. I made this cute header with the kit.  So if you are needing some fun graphics go check her out at The Sweet Shoppe. The direct link to this kit is here "BigKidsChurch" 

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