Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pretty in Pink-N-Black-N-White!

I actually redecorated my daughters room a couple of months ago but just now thought to take pictures.
She wanted  a more sophisticated room. She picked the colors and I think they look great together. I'm one of those bargain hunter/hoarder kind of people so when I see something at Target, IKEA or WalMart  for REALLY cheap I buy it even if I don't need it right then. Most of my bargain finds I work into my house sooner or later. The glass chandelier in the corner I got at Target a long time ago and it fit into her room perfectly. The round mirror and silver magnet board(just added a fun ribbon) are from IKEA. The big pink pillow from Target along with the comforter and sham we got for like $20 bucks on clearance. The fuzzy pink pillow is from Walmart. When I'm on a mission to recreate a space I find things from all over the place.
Don't know if you can see it well enough or not but the curtains are black polka dot and they are crushed velvet. Got those at Target along with the body pillow and zebra pillow cover.
Originally her dresser was a boring brown and I painted it white. It was from a local thrift store (but new) I just added the glass/crystal pulls on the drawer to coordinate with the room. The LOL is a magnet board too. (another Target $4 find)
We got the desk from Target online a few years ago. We added the great shelf unit from IKEA and used the black bins to hide all her stuff.  The fun pink chair isn't quite the bright pink but we got it a couple years back at Big Lots for about $6-8. Then of course we got some great Twilight posters and some cheap black frames from Walmart.
Just a peek at one of my other hobbies.


Nichole said...

Oh I LOVE it!!

The Wingwah's said...

I love pink and black and white... all over. Very cute and teenagerish.
I just did the same thing with Walmart. They clearanced some realy cute bright lamps for 5 bucks so I bought a hot pink for Phoebe's room and a green for when we move and I re-do Faye's room. She is SO over pink and wants a blue and green room. Funny how they love it, then they think it's for babies and then like it again later. I did the same thing.

Hendricksonblog said...

Really cute.