Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow,has it been THAT long?

My poor neglected blog. Well life is happening at break neck speed so I don't have a lot of computer time anymore. I'm barely keeping up with taking my millions of pictures each month(my husband thinks I take a million-especially when I wait until there is about 300 images on my card and take them in to be developed and it ends up costing over a hundred bucks) Well I have to have 2-3 of each picture just in case I need them for scrapbooks for each kid don't I. Well right now I'm on a 3 week substitute job for a 3rd grade class and I love them. It's my kids school so I get to take them to school each day and see them a bit more.
We had a great Christmas- pics to follow someday. And we are gearing up for our Mexican Riviera Cruise at the end of this month. We decided for a Christmas present for the whole family it would be a lot more memorable to take a trip together. Our kids were so excited to get passports. They must want to be jet setters LOL.
Well hopefully I can steal time to finish my 2011 digital calendars that I started in December so I have something to share on my blog and hang on my wall too.


The Wingwah's said...

yeah, it's been a while for me too... but not as LONG as you. Eh, who cares, your blog isn't going anywhere right?

Hendricksonblog said...

you could take it on the cruise w/you and take some more of those awful shots of scenery like you did in Mehico.
Have fun on your trip and quit crying during reading time at school. ha ha that made me feel better that others are disasters too.