Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Making Spring Baskets

Well since it's not very springy outside I thought I'd make it springy inside. I used a new colaboration kit by SugarHillco and found this cute basket pattern on scrapbooketc.com. I printed out the digi papers on cardstock and then printed the pattern on the back of the papers. Cut out and printed some fun embellishments on cardstock. I adhered with glue and pop up foam. Then add a little Easter grass and it's ready for me to add a treat and give it away.


Sarah Lee Cakes said...

Make up 6 more of those for me to give out to some people ;) jk. Very cute. Someday I will scrapbook again... someday. Maybe once we are all settled we can start a scrap night again with the "usual" crew: you, nellie, Jessica and me.

Hendricksonblog said...

uh ummm!
Will there not be candy in the middle of the tables to eat?
I would have use there.
ha ha
Cute as usual Susan, if I could only clone a little part of you into me so when I have all my YW stuff I wouldn't have to pawn the creative stuff off on other people.
You hogged it because I really am pretty blank in that dept....
at least I have my sweet spirit (;

Susan Catmull said...

April if you had my creative side you would also have my hoarding side. You would cringe to see my scrapbookroom. At least I got thing off the floor but now they are stacked two feet high. Sarah, I was thinking the same thing about getting a crop night again, and of course we would have to have candy. Maybe by summer???????