Friday, November 7, 2014

Computer crazy

I got a new phone for my birthday and since then I have been on the computer trying to update all my computer info. I guess I'm behind the times. I had an old google email that was no longer in existence and it was hooked to my blog and everything else Google related. Plus we may be getting a new Internet service so my old email would not work if we do. Changes, Changes, Changes I do not like changes. But it's inevitable. Then I had to get my computer cleaned of viruses/malware and such. Sneeky little buggers get on there even with all the security I have. Well $90 is worth keeping this old machine working. 
I only have a few days left of being off track(or off of school because we go year round here) and all the grand plans of painting rooms and getting my craft room organized did not materialize. I did get he office clean and organized and the downstairs new and improved family/TV/game room cleaned up. I do have the paint and supplies ready for two bathrooms to be repainted. I guess it will have to be night work or wait until my next off track time the end of Jan. first of Feb.
Now I have to call IT to help with a scrapbooking program that I have on my computer that isn't working right. So glad for new systems that they can basically hack into my computer to look and see what's going on. Yea for technology :)  :(

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