Sunday, April 6, 2008

Changes to TLC

Well on Friday night all TLC consultants got an email telling them that TLC as they knew it was gone. Basically it was no longer a MLM company that would no longer have consultants and no more downline commission. And this would start when; in a month or a couple of weeks. NO it starts as of that moment that they sent out the email. So typical of the way the company does things. They don't want to be there at the office to field any upselt phone calls. TLC will now be some sort of buying club. Basically a retail e-store :like a few of my fellow TLC friends had been thinking they might be going to since they never quite got rid of their retail mentality. I had basically put the business aside after my last expo in Las Vegas in Oct/Nov. I knew I was just going to keep it for the discount on the product (which are some of the cutest styles and best quality out there). I told my downline in Jan. and made it official but was still there for anyone that needed help. I started in 2003 and for 5 yrs I supported and did my best to get TLC out there and going big. That just didn't happen. I just feel super bad for those who have huge downlines and count on that money coming in to pay bills and support their families. (ie: Shari Boggs, Jan Pepe, Krystal Grant, Sonja Rod. and so on.) I just feel heart sick for them. I'm sure I will stay on for awhile in the "Sales Club" or whatever to get the products but I feel so sad about the way they handled things that I just feel like pulling out all together. They weren't loyal to the consultants who supported them to this point why should we be loyal to them. I know the economy is hurting and they needed to make changes but this certainly wasn't the way to tell everyone. Very sad information to digest.
Would you join a club and pay $15-$25 a year to get discounts on scrapbook products you order online?


Jennifer Hinds said...

Yeah, I noticed that the email was sent after they closed on Friday so that they wouldn't get phone calls. I just want to know what happens with the stuff I had on there that I bought for the software and what to do about the coupons I have. Good thing I used my credits. I doubt that they will last 6 mos to a year. I just wish I had kept some info on my downline. I'm glad that you are being so honest about your feelings. I feel bad for those that depended on TLC too. Usually when the company you work for is going under, they let you know ahead of time to find adequate work. I'm done with them once my so called "membership" is up. The bright side is that we don't have to deal with Jim anymore!! WAHOO to that!!

Beth Swann said...

Well said, ladies! I hope all is well with you and yours, Susan. I don't know how much you have lost over it all but I hope it was minimal.

Joyce Williams said...

Susan I agree with you. Sure wasn't the best way to handle a bad situation. People act in different ways under pressure don't they? As far as I can see, unless a person was really going to work the business, purchase price for TLC product will be about the same as it was with our discounts.

I too am heart sick for our TLC friends who were in this for the money they were earning as directors who gave so much to buid TLC. They must surely feel kicked in the teeth over this change. they were basically fired and not even able to draw unemployment! If you were in touch with any of the girls at the top of the ladder today, you know they have already moved on to other companies like Heritage Makers, etc.

I plan to not run away until I see what happens but I must admit it will be hard to ever trust again. I will continue to try to help the girls who signed under me.

I did love the Cancun trips I won and I will keep those good memories and others I have of the good times with TLC and just move on. What else can we do. I don't think any of us were really shocked. Knew something was coming just not this.

I wish them the best. After making the announcement the way they did, they are going to have o pull it off by themselves, don't think any of we former consultants are going to be there to build the online store for them :o(

Dawn said...

I got your email today about TLC! Sorry the company did that to all of you... The last time I seen you was a couple of years ago, I was X-Mas shopping at gardner village.

I still sale Stampin'Up product and Scentsy products.

You have the same blog setup as me!!! :)

Here is my blog if you ever want to check it out

Good luck on your sale.

Jan said...

THANK YOU for your sweet thoughts!!!!!! So glad I just found your blog!

Love the layouts in your slideshow!!!!