Sunday, April 13, 2008

Room updates

Well we finally sold our other house that we fixed up so I got to bring my furniture back home plus some of the decorations that I used in the house to stage it. So now I get do a few updates myslef. My room has been kind of country cottage for the last 10 years so I have decided to get it updated. I also put some of the Wall Avenue frames on my wall about a year and a half ago and never put the pages in it that matched my room so I actually made some pages with some family photos. Now my big project is to paint my pine bedroom furniture black to match all the accents.

I just put a few new accents to my living room too.

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Sean & Sarah said...

I am still trying to figure something out for the curtains you gave me for our bedroom. I love that pic you got from Walmart... I don't care what anybody says I LOVE walmart. I just got the cutest plaid shorts there for $9.88! and other than produce and meat their groceries are cheap... I like cheap. You'll have to look at the pics of my room on my blog... we have the same symetrical thing going on in our rooms!