Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mini Vacation of some sort!

Well we just had a quick trip to California this weekend. We left at about noon on Friday and drove all the way to Temecula California (south of LA and north of San Diego) My husband had some 4 wheelers he was buying so we went to pick them up and make a mini vacation out of it. We got to go to the beach for a couple of hours to let the kids play. It was about 80 degrees but the water was cold - the kids didn't mind and had a great time collecting shells and rocks. Then we packed up the 4 wheelers and started for home. Since the kids watched movies all the way down and home they were really well behaved. We weren't sure if we wanted to stay in Vegas or St. George on the way home. While driving home the kids fell asleep and we decided we would try to just drive the rest of the way home so we didn't have to waste more money on a hotel. Both Matt and I got hopped up on energy drinks and headed home. I had to stay awake and talk to Matt so he stayed awake to drive. I got a little loopy and started jabbering- Matt said sometimes I didn't make much sense but it kept him awake. LOL Well we pulled into our driveway about 5:30 AM this morning and just got everyone in bed and crashed. I slept for a while and now I'm just unpacking and getting things back in order for the school week to start again tomorrow. Next vacation will be a little less driving and a little more vacation. I hope!

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Hendricksonblog said...

Just dont come to easter looking like samantha and Buffy did that one year after crashing on those things