Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaching and working

Well I'm teaching school a few days this week and then on Friday I will be working at "A Page 4 All Seasons" booth at Scrapbook USA in Sandy, UT. So if you are there before 3:00 pm you can come see me there. I'll get to find out if any of my kits actually sell. Plus then I get the chance to wander around and try not to buy anything else(I surely don't need any more stuff)


RealRach said...

oh....sooooo jealous....Tell My Mere HI! And give her a huge hug from ME!!! You've met me, so you know how I would do it! HAVE FUN!

Dawn G. said...

I'll be there Susan. Hope to run into you!

A Page 4 all Seasons said...

We just barely got some of Susan't stuff in so we didn't get her kits cut in time for the expo. She has hers in my closet among about 20 more I need to add! So.. stay tuned, as soon as we unpack, Susan't layouts will be online and I KNOW they will sell. They are darling!