Sunday, October 11, 2009

Witchy Poo

Well I made a fun game for primary with little felt hats I got at the craft store. I used the new kit Boo 2 U from Meredith Cardall to make the cute bands(digital paper cut in strips and then inked) and the fun elements and numbers I attached to them(LOVE THESE!). I tried glue and glue dots to adhere the paper and then just ended up stapling the band to the hat. I used foam squares to adhere the elements and after punching out the numbers with a circle punch and gluing on the circle cardstock I added eyelets and ribbon and used the cutest little safety pins from Making Memories to hook the number to the hat.
 Click on the photo to see it larger and much clearer.
I then had the primary kids I teach music to pick a hat and each number matched a song that we would sing. I added a little candy corn element and placed it underneath one and the child who picked that one got to choose whatever song they wanted. I can use the hats for any choosing game. I absolutely love Halloween and all the fun colors and costumes. I will definately have to use this cute digital kit to create some fun pages with the cosutmes I'm sure to see this year(my kids are on the lookout for that perfect costume.) I'm usually a witch every year to scare the kiddies who come to my door but I may just change it up this year and find something new.

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laterg8r said...

what a great game you created :D