Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Surprises and New Scrapbook Adventures

Well it's my Hubbys birthday today so last night l filled his car with balloons and candy so when he went to take some of the kids to school he got a big surprise. Then yesterday I decided to make a fun banner for him also. I wanted to use some new designs from one of my favorite designers "Meredith Cardall" and got a fun surprise as she asked me to come back on her Creative Team and start making some of my hybrid stuff. I do have a lot going with substitute teaching, property managing our townhouse in Midway and just running a household with 3 kids. But I miss creating so much so I'm going to jump on the train and see if I can keep up. So I looked at a few of her kits and used Love Is In the Air at Sunshine Studio Scraps for the paper and elements and Patchwork Of My Life for the alpha. Meredith's designs are all on sale for 30% off until Friday the 18th at Sunshine Studio Scraps so go check it out.I printed out the little cards and cut out the white space on the paper to reveal the candy names of HUGS and KISSES. I used eyelets on the corners to secure them, added a paper flower and a blue jewel. Then pulled some ribbon through to tie it up.

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Hendricksonblog said...

why does everything i read have yummy food on it. Cute though! good luck keeping up