Monday, March 7, 2011

Totally Teeanager!

This is the original and I turned it into this- below.

Well my daughter turned 13 last week. I now have a teenager in the house. Oh My!!! Because she said she didn't want a party (I think she thought she was too grown up for that) I decided to plan a SUPRISE party for her anyway. Her birthday was Wednesday and we went to dinner and had presents and all that normal stuff. I also used a freebie quick page (I think it's from Ellie Lash-not sure) to make a scrapbook page she could put on her wall. So when Friday rolled around I don't think she had any clue. Matt took her to the video store to pick a video and snacks for the night and when she came back. SURPRISE! They had fun with the surprise and Sydney was a little embarassed but liked it too. Then we went bowling and ate pizza. Then we came home and they ate more snacks and did a little karoke and some Just Dance on the Wii. Then up to her room for private girl stuff (that means talking, lots of talking) So heres's some pics. Hopefully she had a memorable 13th birthday.
The loot
family pie and ice cream
Goodie boxes for all the guests

Skittles make great props. They match the colors too.
The Gangs all here.
Who could ask for more than that.

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Hendricksonblog said...

Old! and that just makes us even older!
Looks like fun and I am sure she loved it