Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sydney is 10

Well Sunday was my daughter, Sydney's tenth birthday. She is in the double digits now. Wow, how time flies. Her birth ten years ago was a hard one for me. I had her by Cesarean and they waited too long after my water broke so I got an infection. Those first couple of days in the hospital trying to enjoy the time with my little baby girl while being totally out of it was hard. But we have spent so much time together since to make up for the first few days. She's my only girl so we have fun together doing girly things. In fact for her birthday I took her on a shopping trip. The shopping alone was a gift to her even if we didn't buy anything (but we did) We also have scrapbooking nights together. She is a beautiful, smart and loving girl who is kind to everyone around her. I am lucky to have such a great daughter who follows the teaching of Jesus Christ and shows kindness to everyone she meets.
So Sat. was a shopping trip to pick out a Build a Bear outfit, a new pair of shoes, a new outfit, and some books of course (she has read every book in our house and can't get enough to read) But I wrapped up the gifts so she had something to open. I also got her some fun fingernail polish/glitter stuff and some more books. Then Sunday she got sung to by the whole Primary and later that night we had Grandma's and Grandpa over for pie, which she wisely chose over Birthday cake. More presents from them. Then Monday night we went to her birthday dinner at "The Mayan" a themed restaurant that has a jungle atmosphere. They have performers and even cliff divers. We actually sat in the very front so the kids could be splashed a little when the divers made a big dive. Now this next Sat. is her friend party. They will be going to the Family Fun center where they can skate, go in a bounce area, laser tag, etc. Then her birthday will finally be over. And yes I have tons of pictures. I will post a few and try to get a quick digital layout done too.


Nichole said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!! I cannot believe she is 10!! I remember when she was born and time really does fly by!! It sounds like her birthday has been a lot of fun!

Hendricksonblog said...

I remember her way little too and how I used to call her nii nii....Now she would roll her eyes if I said that to her. Just think most of your friends your age have kids double Sydneys age so be glad they will keep you young.
It sounds like she got a lot of gifts, but no worries she will give them away over the next year to anyone who comes over to your house.
She is a kind, giving girl!!!
Happy Birthday Sydney!!!!!