Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Had a Movie,Movie,Movie,Movie Weekend

Well over the weekend we saw Iron Man and Indian Jones. Then I rented a bunch of movies. Juno, 27 Dresses and the Golden Compass (for the kids). I really liked all of them. The Golden Compass was a little too vague and it ended weird so I guess that one I didn't really care for. All the rest were well worth watching.


The Wingwah's said...

So what are your thoughts on Juno? I loved it, but I can see how Mom was offended, I guess. I think it was dead on how teenagers act. My favorite lines:
step-mom:"When you move out i'm getting weimer-runners(spelling?)"
Juno: "oooh, dream big!"
Made me laugh so hard. What a creep justin bateman turned out to be... especially cuz I think he's a babe!

Susan Catmull said...

I really liked it. I didn't find any language that I found offensive. I thought it was pretty funny. I guess the whole theme of a teenager getting pregnant isn't the best of topics but I still liked it and thought Ellen Page was a great actress.

Jan said...

I haven't seen the others... but loved 27 dresses!! Such a cute movie!