Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Girls will play when the Boys are away!

Well my husband and boys left on a Father and Sons campout so my daughter and I decided to have a little girls night out. We went shopping, had a Jamba Juice, a little more shopping, went to dinner at Wingers, then had a lovely pedicure (Sydney's very first one) and got some oh so cute toes. Then we walked around IKEA to view all the loveliness and stopped for some awesome chocolate cake and princess cake(it was green- but
pretty good with it's cake, whipped cream and marzipan on top) at IKEA's food court. Then we tried to do some more shopping but the store was closed so we went home and got in our jammies and watched "Everafter" with Drew Barrymore. We got to sleep in and now I think we have to run out and do a tiny bit more shopping before the boys get home and then we are off to volleyball games.

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Shelley Moore said...

What a fabulous time! Cute toes too :)