Friday, June 17, 2011

I think I'm in Zion, No maybe it's the Grand Canyon

Well we decided to take another little mini vacation in our beautiful state of Utah. So we loaded up our 5 four wheelers (which was a chore-we had to tip two up on two wheels to fit them all in) and loaded our car to the brim with clothes and food and headed south. We stayed in the town of Virgin just outside Zion's National Park. We had great views from our house where we stayed and we had riding trails from every side of the property. We did some super fun trails and then one trail that I almost had a panic attack on. Well I am afraid of driving up canyon roads and well to cut to the point this was like a canyon road only we were on four wheelers and the road was just big enough for one at a time and yes it was straight up the mountain to the top of the bluff. Seriously if I knew it was going to be like that before we headed out I would have not gone. I think not only was I scared but I was scared because my kids were doing it. On the way down we did have an incident that I almost can't think about because it could have been tragic. Josh swerved out on accident as he looked back and luckily there was a shoulder on the side by the cliff or he would have gone over. We will NEVER be doing that again. I think I still have trauma right now writing about it. But the rest of the trip was much better. We went up into Zion's and did tons of fun hikes and went through this crazy tunnel. But because of the weird weather we are having the Narrows hike was still running high water so we couldn't do that one. We got to swim in the pool each day after fun hikes and 4 wheeling trips. The last day we decided to run down to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It took about 2 1/2 hours each way and we just stayed long enough to look around and take some pics but now we can say we went to the Grand Canyon. So all in all it was a fun trip.
The view out our front door

The fire pit area
Some friends we met along the way

Me on my hot pink ride
The Grand Canyon
At the pool-Awesome views!

S'Mores to finish off the night.
Good Night Moon


Hendricksonblog said...

ahh swimming!!!
that post made me thirsty.
dont know why
Looks fun but the pics never do it justice huh?

Shelley Moore said...

Wow - amazing priceless family time! love it!