Friday, June 3, 2011

School's out for the Summer

I had my last day of substituting on Wednesday. It was the class that I started the year with and taught for two weeks (it's my son Josh's class) Now the kids are out and sitting on the couch watching TV. Well I've got some plans so they don't stay there the whole summer.
We have season passes to a water park. All three have weekly or couple day camps in July and August to attend and can you say
"Movie Time" 
The big one being the last Harry Potter movie. Plus Transformers, X men, and any other fun movie we happen to be interested in. Plus my kids all got acoustic guitars for getting good grades so they will be trying those out. I'll see about lessons in the fall.
We are going on a little vacation next week to Zion's National Park to go hiking, 4 wheeling and a little laying by the pool.
So let  Summer Begin!

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