Monday, July 7, 2008

Busy Weekend

The kids on the 4th
Sydney and Taylor
The boys waiting for candy
Sydney in her festive flip flops with glitter toes
Tractor on Parade
Pheobe"Little Firecracker"
Well I haven't posted in a while. On the 4th I took the my kids along with my sisters and their kids plus a few other relatives to the Magna parade. It's fairly short and pretty boring for the adults but the kids love it. (can you say flying candy) The day before was 101 degrees F and the fourth did one better at 102. We had a BBQ later at my sisters house and let the kids run wild and swim in the pool while we sat around and talked and ate. Then we came home and did fireworks with our neighbors in the street in front of our houses. Both Josh and Nick got the privilege of lighting them for themselves-with close supervision.
Then Sat. my niece Ashley was baptised and we had a little family (hubby side) get together. The next morning her little sister Mitzi was blessed. So we got a lot of church time as well as family time this weekend.
I've also been working on some top secret hybrid stuff that I won't be posting until Wed. Can't wait to share.
We are leaving on Wed to go camping with my family for 4 days. We will be doing some boating too so I need to go get my pics that are in my camera printed so I have plenty of room for tons of pictures. The next two days will be shopping for food and getting the motorhome packed and spending way too much money on gas to fill up the MH and boat.


Nichole said...

I wish we could have gone to the BBQ! I love your kids shirts! We will see you this weekend at Pineview...we will be there Thursday night!

Anonymous said...

Great 4th photos!

Shelley Moore said...

Great pics susan! We have the same kind of parade here every year along with a breakfast at the fire house. The food's pretty foul, but the kids still go with Kurt every year!

Jan said...

Ok, those are the cutest flip flops I've ever seen!! :)