Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Floats on Parade

I took the kids to the Southtown Expo center to take a look at all the floats that will be in the parade on Thursday. It was a fun and free thing for the kids to do. We also got to vote on the float we thought was best. The boys voted for the Utah Jazz/Bee's float and Sydney voted for a really cute one with animated kids on it. I voted for the one I helped make. The first few photos are our float and then I took random pics of some of the other ones.

Just so you know cities, businesses and church groups make the floats. And the theme was Pioneering.
This is the concept drawing of what our float was to become.

the float will have a boy on the front studying, a graduate in the middle and a doctor near the volcano.

Here are some other floats

Even got a pic with Jack Sparrow


Jan said...

Hey! I saw you slip that photo with Capt. Jack in there for me! LOL!!!

Shelley Moore said...

The floats look awesome! You can tell there were lots of hours put into them!

The Bronson"s said...

I will totally get you a pic! Your stake did an awesome job!