Monday, July 21, 2008

Holy Batman it's our Anniversary!

Well Saturday was Matt and my 12 year wedding anniversary. Wow it sure doesn't seem that long ago we met and fell in love. He's a very kind, giving, patient (to put up with me) and loving kind of guy and I'm so thankful I met him. We have a beautiful family and a lot of my happiness is because of him. Thanks Babe!(I doubt he will ever see this because he doesn't read my blog)
Anyway, we just had a typical night out of going to dinner and a movie but we went to see Batman, and oh boy what a great movie. It's pretty long but I can't say enough how terrific it was. The hype over Heath Ledger was not unfounded- he's awesome. So sad to loose someone so talented. And Christian Bale- well all I can say is BABEALICIOUS! I had t0 make some sort of tribute to the movie so here's a photo compilation.

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The Wingwah's said...

We went to it on Friday night... it was sooo good! Heath Ledger was such an awesome joker, He was even better than jack nicholson... he has definitley raised the bar on villians! Too bad the good ones are always so psycho and drug addicts! And Christian Bale... pant pant! At one point in the movie i was sitting there thinking "OH, he is such a babe" and suddenly jessica leans over to me and goes "He's SO hot!" it was funny!