Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Smell's like Tween Spirit!

Well for the last 2 days my daughter and I have been cleaning her room (well cleaning is not quite the term- more like deconstruction and reorganization We've thrown out 2 big trash bags of garbage. 1 bag is full of clothes to pass on to cousins, another big bag is toys to go to the downstairs play area and a bunch of piles to go to various other areas of the house. Oh, and I forgot to say my daughter is a candy pack rat- she had squirreled away so much candy I think it probably weighs 10 lbs.(not kidding about that one and some of it is years old-scary)
And yesterday our power was out from 2-7 pm with the outside temp at about 98 degrees it got to about 82 in the house. So needless to say it wasn't the most pleasant experience. But the final results are great. We will see how long she can keep it this way.
Now I start on my boys room tomorrow.


Hendricksonblog said...

Thats funny from the pics you cant tell its hot in there at all, just really clean and organized. Ella is in dire need of that again. It seems like the more organizing totes I get the more crap she accumulates and hmmm its almost Birthday time again and then Christmas......Maybe we'll add on to her room, who needs the hallway anyway.
P.s I gave you a new hint on the movie on my blog.....I bet youll get it now.

Shelley Moore said...

Susan, I totally LOVE the colors in her room!!! I'm a sucker for orange, LOL!!!

The Bronson"s said...

That is great that she is a candy pack rat! My sister was the same way! I say why save it when you can eat it!