Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No more tomatoes.

Well yesterday I got to go pick some tomatoes for free so I got a lot. Well after bottling 36 quarts I am done looking at tomatoes- add that to the 8 bottles a few days before that and I think my food storage is full. I actually had about a box and a half left and passed them out to neighbors. Now I have to go pick peaches this week at my MIL house and then bottle those too. I'll be happy when the harvest is over.


Krystal K. Grant said...

LOL you're too funny! I think anyone would be sick of them by now! I didn't grow enough for all that, we're still picking and eating them 1-2 at a time.

Hendricksonblog said...

I couldnt even do any and that was crap since they were free. I cant do cooked tomato smell right now. Along with crumbs.

The Wingwah's said...

Do you like tomatoes? They are kinda a veggie, ya know? I'd like to watch you bottle all those... fast and furious.