Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well I have been bottling tomatoes today. I have some plants in my garden but they are not going to be enough to fill my food storage. I did 8 bottles today but I'll have to get some more. I use bottled tomatoes to make my own spaghetti/meat sauces so I use them quite a bit. Helps my family to eat more veggies (me especially since I hate regular tomatoes) and saves on money too.
I have been doing some digital scrapbooking in the last couple of days but I can't post them until they are released next week- So be on the lookout.


Shelley Moore said...

Oh Susan.... YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!! I love tomatoes, and I love home-canned veggies! Those tomatoes look just delicious... Your family is very lucky!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I miss all the yummy home-grown veggies & fruits my Mom used to can and have in her pantry when I was growing up. I usually make jams and jellies during the summer - but I haven't gotten around to it this year. Gotta make it a priority for next year ;-)