Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well yes I am still in recovery from my scrapbooking weekend. I was up until about 4 AM on Friday night and got home at about 1 AM on Sat. night. I felt OK on Sunday but when I got up on Monday to get the kids to school I felt terrible. I had a full day of laundry and felt like taking a nap but was afraid I wouldn't wake up to get to my son's special day at school. He's "Person of the Week" His poster looked good, we talked all about his favorite things and handed out some treats. All went well.
And by the way I beat my record of 50 pages and did 67 pages. WOOO HOOO. Granted I didn't bring embellishments with me- just the kits -so I will still need to add some embellies, a few titles and journaling. But I did a whole years worth for my son Nick. I'm actually up to 2007 for him now. Sorry no pics today as I still have much to do to get the house back in order-Love my husband but keeping the house in order is not his forte. (we have dishes stacked to the ceiling)
I have all these great projects in my head to make I just don't know if I'll have time to do them this week.
Oh, and as a side note. Last week I did (after the 44 bottles of peaches) 25 bottles of cooked peach jam, 15 containers of frozen jam but I still didn't make a peach pie yet. I have just enough peaches left in the fridge for that. I'm done with peaches -YEAH!!!!

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Beth Swann said...

You're just a good working woman and momma! All that good scrappin' done and then more work when you get home.