Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Old 2008-Bring in the new.

Well I don't have any projects I've been working on because I have just be spending time with my family. Yesterday I went and helped my sister unpack in her new house and our kids got to play. Then last night we went to Matt's Mom's house for an evening of games and food. We played Uno, Wacky Six, the numbers game and started dominoes.
Now Matt decided we'd have the kids invite their friends over for a New Years Eve party. They will be able to play the Wii, board games and movies if they want. But of course I get the job of cleaning up the house before and afterwards (not my favorite job) I'm the kind of person who just loves to stay home on NYE and watch movies and play games all night.
I know a lot of people had a bad 2008 but we had both good and bad as any year in the life of a normal family. I hope financially 2009 will be better for us and anyone else out there needing it. But our family is very blessed and I'm thankful for all we have and the opportunity I've had to start substitute teaching. It has been a blessing for me (Just love those kids) As well as my wonderful, smart and loving kids and My sweet giving husband who would give the shirt off his back to anyone in need before asking for anything for himself. I can gush about him because I know he never reads my blog (he gets embarrassed easily) But he really is a wonderful man!!!

I don't really ever make resolutions for the new year but I do make some goals every once in a while. One of my big goals is to keep up on clearing off my computer of my digital designs since right now it's so full I can't save anything else (OOOHHHH NOOOOO!) And to use the beautiful designs more. I know everyone seems to put lose weight on their list but mine is to just start small and walk on the treadmill each day. I can probably do that.
Sorry such a long boring post and no pictures but there will be some to come in 2009.
Have a great New Years everyone.

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