Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

Well I have been substituting a lot so I have a bunch of projects I've done but not able to post until now. I made some helper cans for Primary. I used the kit "Zoe' by Misty Cato. Then I made this Christmas tree advent thing. I used strips of different papers to make the tree and then I used various elements to make my magnets (large clear glass pebbles put on top of element and then magnet applied to the back) I know I used various elements from a bunch of Krystal Hartley's kits and the Xmas paper was from Melissa Bennett. I will be using it for singing time and have the numbers of the songs on the back but you could make 25 and use it as an advent calendar. I just held the paper onto the back of a cookie sheet with magnets on each corner. Great way to get a magnet board if you don't have one.

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