Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bad weekend-Hopefully better new week!

Well I have been fighting sickness for over a week now. I was sick in bed most of the weekend trying to get better so it didn't continue into this week. I felt a little better yesterday and my kids went back on track at school so I had a few hours to rest up a little more. Today still coughing but hopefully on the mend.

I am getting excited to take my kids to the Spiderwick Cronicles movie on Friday. We read all the books while we were off track so we are ready to see how it's translated into a movie. I'm proabably more excited than my kids. I'm a science fiction junkie- in fact I watched the SciFi channell all weekend while in bed. Anything scary, wierd or just plain out of this world I love.

I now need to get myself organized for my scrapbook weekend away on the 22nd. I will be going up to Logan (2 hour drive to northern Utah) to stay at the Scrapbook House with a bunch of friends and scrap the whole weekend. Last time I went I got 50 pages done so I will keep that as my goal. It's a nice getaway plus it forces me to get more done.
Friday was my crop night and I got about 11 pages done. I will post a few later when I take a few pics.

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Jennifer Hinds said...

Hopefully you will feel better soon. 11 pages in one night? You go girl. I'd have been lucky to get 4 done. It seems that I just can't think lately and don't have much creativity coming from me. Have fun at the scrapbook house. I'm jealous.