Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun but Exhasting Day Yesterday

Well yesterday I was a vendor (with whats left of my TLC products) for a crop for the Epilepsy Association. Anyway I sold a lot and had a fun day even though I was there for 14 hours from set up to tear down. With about 300 attendees I always do a brisk business.

I won 2 different prizes in the raffle. Did I mention I'm one of those terribly lucky people who always wins contest- I know you hate those people.

Well I chatted with Stacey Jullian for a few minutes-founding Editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine. She comes to the crop every other year or so. She is very down to earth and a very nice person in fact she spends her own money to come to the crop and lend a hand.

But this morning I woke up sick(I think a sinus infection) and guess what was outside our door.
Just look at this picture of our front deck.

Winter is having fun here in Utah!


Krystal Hartley said...

Glad you had a successful event! I'm right there with you on the sickness...fever and all!

Susan Catmull said...

I guess it's not a sinus infection. I had to miss Stake Confrence on Sunday and spent most of the day resting. And today I barely have a voice(it's in my throat and chest now). I need to get over it by Thursday as I have to help get the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Banquet all done.

stressedkris said...

We love having you at CBYC. I'm sorry you got sick. Mine took about a week and then kicked in. Although the day after the crop I slept for 15 hours. I'm glad that you had a successful time. I really appreciate all that you do for us.