Friday, February 15, 2008

Nice Valentines Day

Well I woke on Valentines Day to find that my sweet daughter, Sydney had left a cute valentine card outside of our bedroom door for both Matt and myselft and she also made them for both brothers. What a sweetie she is.
I made mailboxes and loaded them with treats for my kids so when they got home from school they had a valentine from me. And they were so wound up from the sweets and all the excitement we could hardly get them to go to bed.

I find it weird that nowdays kids rarely take valentines out to their friends in the neighborhood. They just do it at school and thats it. Well my kids take them out even if they don't get them back in return. I remember when I was a kid the fun of leaving valentines on the front porch, ringing the doorbell and running. I guess times do change-I must be getting old.


Nichole said...

I used to go throughout the neighborhood and leave valentines and it was so much fun. I was just wondering yesterday if kids do that anymore. Kids/parents are lazy these days.

About your backgrounds...maybe Christian and I will stop by tonight if you will be home. I don't have a car so the only time I can get out is when Christian is home! Let me know if tonight works?

Susan Catmull said...

Sorry didn't look at this till too late.
Give me a call. Or I'll call you. I could come get you when you are available.

Fabrizio said...

How fun Susan to get your lovely comment on my blog, thanks for visiting. You make beautiful creations, I love what you do. A big hi all the way from London from on TLC consultant to another.

Rach said...

Susan!! Oh my word. I just now noticed that you have NEW stuff BELOW the slide. I kept checking and when I would look I would only see the slide. So I just assumed you didn't have much to say! LOL then as I was out with the flu I was using my laptop in bed and saw just the tip of this post! Gosh...I have some catching up to do on you girl! FUNNY! I will look more closely now! Sorry!
I was not ignoring you!