Friday, June 20, 2008

Faces of the Past

I started messing around with this new free download "Photscape" my niece Nichole told me about. I wanted to make some cute photo collages so I tried it out. So easy. (I just bought Photo Shop Elements last month and still don't have a clue how to start a scrapbook page on it. I need a one on one class I guess.) Well I created this collage and used a lot of old photos so I decided to make a layout with it. Here it is. LIKE or NO?
Here's a link to the credits.


Jan said...

Yes, I like it!!!! very cute!!

RealRach said...

no I don't like it...I love it! Love those photo overlays! And are those letters from Misty Cato? Love those!

Nichole said...

I LOVE IT!! So cute!