Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pool Fun

Well I got our pool up last week. Finally the weather is just right (in the high 90's and will be 100 by next monday) So my kids have been living in the pool with all of their friends in tow. I even saw some friends who rarely come around in our backyard. To explain one thing on the layout. Sydney has another cute friend named Sydney (blonde). So I just put Sydney X2.
Martin Bennett "BeachyKeen" used for paper and elements. The frame is a freebie from Ziggle Disigns. and the black glitter alpha and star are from Sabry Card. I used brush Script MT for the font.


Hendricksonblog said...

I remember Me, Nellie and Sarah filling up garbage sacks with water in the back yard to get in and cool off. Our kids are spoiled. I would have killed for a pool big enough to fit in that wasnt homemade out of a tarp and folding chairs. I think we were more creative though......not sure where all of mine went.

RealRach said...

Fun layout! I love that kit!

Congrats on the new 'job'!

The Wingwah's said...

That's funny, I remember the garbage bags and homemade tarp pool. I guess you get creative when you aren't spoiled! (however, I don't think hardly anyone had pools (in utah anyway) back then! However, at least we aren't wasting as much water as we used to.... so "green" of us.. lol!