Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Well the weekend was tiring to say the least. I helped my BIL pack up the U Haul /my sister and I cleaned the house and did touch up paint and the we had a yard sale for the leftover junk. They had a few young strong men come help with the big furniture. Then we drove for 9-10 hours (including potty breaks and food stops) and finally made it back to Salt Lake. I am exhausted and would love to take a nap or two, but I have to get laundry done and my son's kindergarten teacher just called and they need some more helpers for their last day (Water Day) so I'll be heading over to school in a couple of hours. NO REST FOR THE WEARY! I took my camera but didn't take pics of anything not even my sister new baby. Shame on me- what a slacker.
Can't wait to see what Krystal Hartley has for me as one of the new guests for her creative team. I start tomorrow. Yeah!


Julie said...

Wow - you guys are still in school!! That's nice of you to help out after your long weekend!

I'm getting excited for July 1too!! Did you see Krystal's Sneak Peek - maybe her part of the new collab kit will be our first assignment!!

RealRach said...

Welcome back Susan! Glad things are all ok and sorry to hear you are still in school. YUCK.

Nichole said...

I want to see Nellie's baby soooo bad...I don't even know a fact I don't even know if my new cousin is a girl or a boy!!!!

Jan said...

Congrats on joining KH's creative team!!!!!!