Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've been double tagged

I got tagged by Beth. So here goes. I've looked at a few peoples posts already and everyone has nice and pretty pictures- well I have some reality here for my life.
I'm suppose to take pictures right now of these items and post them(no straighting up- no problem) Well here goes -warts and all.

1. My closet

2. Laundry Room
Sorry I was too lazy to go rotate it so you have to rotate your head. Don't you love the bra in the background?

3. Fridge

4. Sink

5. My favorite room
My scrapbook room of course!

6. What my kids are doing right now:

Nick is waiting for me to fix him lunch

Josh is watching TV in the great room.

and Sydney is in my room watching the Olympics

7. Toilet (I have 4 so I picked the least offensive)

8. Favorite Shoes (I'm not a shoe person-so I'm sure you'll be able to tell)

9. Dream Vacation

Going to Paris with my hubby. He went on a misson there and I want him to take me all over and show me all the sights.

10 Self Portrait.

Ok so the second part of the tagging is that you need to list 6 quirks about yourself.

1. I am a freak about containers. I actually buy things because of the cute containers. I also save any tin, glass, plastic container that I think I might be able to transform into something. I told you I was a freak.

2. I love to organized but I hate to clean.

3. I have to have all the light switches in the down position when off if there is multiple switches for the same light. I must be a little OCD.

4. I have to have clothes colorized (from lightest to darkest) in the closet and in drawers. I do it for my kids also. That's from years in retail clothing for ya.
5. I can't stop downloading free digital scrapbooking images. Please Help Me!!! Luckily I have an external hard drive to hold it all.

6. I often talk out loud to myself when I just mean to be thinking it. But I always sing too so most people wouldn't know the difference.

So I need to tag some people. Make sure to link back to the person who tagged you. By the way if you hate doing this just don't- no pressure- But I thought this one was kind of fun.

I tag April , Sarah , Jessica , Nichole, Ashli and Krystal H if not already tagged.


Nichole said...

This is a cute tag...I am the same way about cleaning...I HATE it but I LOVE organizing!! If I had the money I would love to do some off the wall organizing projects!! I'll have to do the picture tag...I've already done the quirks!

Britt said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrapbook room!

Jan said...

I LOVE your scrapbook room!!

The Bronson"s said...

Ok, here it goes! I just don't know how to do the link to your site.... help!

Susan Catmull said...

Jessica it took me forever to figure all this stuff out too. When you are writing your blog you highlight the word you want to tag and then I think you right click and a little link thing will appear and you need to put the persons link there. HTH. If not no biggie.

Krystal Hartley said...

Dang! That's one crazy game of tag. Not sure I'll get to it soon, but I loved seeing your photos and reading your answers!