Saturday, August 23, 2008

Makin Copies

Well for those of you that have tons of files on your computer and haven't backed them up on CD. I highly recommend it. Earlier in the week my daughter accidentally knocked my external hard drive off it's perch by my computer and I found out the USB cord would not stay in so I couldn't get to my files (all my digital stuff I transfer to it) So I thought since it was under warranty I could just get it fixed or repaired. Well seems like to do anything I have to get those files off the hard drive. I went to Best Buy and they charge $150 to transfer it to a laptop(which probably doesn't have enough room on it or I would have had it there in the first place) I had too many files to have it burned to a DVD which was $100- almost more than I paid for the stupid thing in the first place. So I went home and decided I was going to do it myself. I taped the cord in so it was stable and I could access the files. I then began to copy all my digital files to CD. Well about 40 discs and 3 days later I finally finished and deleted everything off the external hard drive and it's ready to be sent in for repair. I plan on backing up my files every month so this will never happen again. Luckily I kept a copy of most of my files zipped so I saved some time.

Well last night Matt took two of the kids to the Bee's baseball game so I made up 3 paper bag books for a Relief Society (women's church group) craft night in Oct. I am on the committee and brought up the idea so I get to be the teacher. They are very basic because I need to buy all the paper, ribbon, etc for a big bunch and have to keep the cost down. I have all the die cut sheets. I got them from TLC in a 10 count bag, I got them for pennies on the dollar. They are done except for the ribbon which I will be out looking for today. I'll post a before and after ribbon pic.

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Beth Swann said...

Sorry to hear of you computer woes! I've heard good things about It's an online backup for your entire hard drive for a yearly subscription of $49.95. I think I'm going to give it a try myself. ;-)